So we turned JUJUTSU KAISEN into a DRINKING GAME (ft YourRAGE and ScumTK)

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Ft @YourRAGE Gaming and @Scum TK

Edited by @Imbedded Repose

ScumTK and YourRAGE JJK art by:

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#YourBudTevin #AnimeDrinkingGame

In this We turned into a drinking game we turned Jujutsu Kaisen into a drinking game with YourRAGE and ScumTK, next episode will have Niko Omilana I pranked the most racist man in America and AfroSenjuXL Elden Ring. Hopefully Berleezy HE BREAKS INTO YOUR HOUSE, WHAT DO YOU DO? is up next because I like that guy. Ludwig my girlfriend made me get a cat and Alpharad I played Sonic Boom so you don’t have to are also coming on here shortly so enjoy that.


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